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Peachy Keen

Peachy Keen

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Give that Peachy Keen feeling with this ever so sweet gift box collection. 

Every Peachy Keen gift box supports 5 small Canadian businesses and The Food Bank Of Canada. 

Inside each Peachy Keen gift box you will find;

2-Porcelain Cups handmade by Poterie Bon Matin in Montreal, QC

1-Turkish Tea Towel from House Of Jude in Georgetown, ON.

1-Hand-carved heart shaped Wooden Spoon Each spoon is crafted from sustainably-sourced olive wood….approximately 1 teaspoon and 4.25″ long From Justea in Vancouver, BC

1-Peach Tea refreshing, carefree moment while you get your glow on. Caffeine free. Juicy peach and floral hibiscus with creamy undertones. 15 tea pyramids. From Tease in Ottawa, ON. 

1-Peach Prosecco Jam Inspired by the famous Bellini cocktail, this jam combines sweet peaches with the fun fizz of Prosecco. Prepared by Provissions in Niagara, ON.

*If you are buying this box as a gift, leave us a note at checkout for us to include inside the box for you.