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Kahuna Box

Kahuna Box

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Enjoy the feeling of being pampered while using the elegant and useful Kahuna Box collection. 

Each Kahuna Box supports 3 small local businesses and a charitable organization.

Inside every Kahuna Box you will find:

1- Oversized Turkish Towel in Willow Stripe. Beautifully hand-loomed by talented Turkish artisans, the Oversized Turkish Towel is a very versatile piece. Aside from wrapping yourself in luxurious softness after a bath, this towel can accompany you at the beach or pool as a sarong, at home as a blanket, or day to day as a scarf to compliment your outfit. The unique weave dries quickly and is naturally antibacterial so it will never have that damp towel smell. You will enjoy feeling cozy and dry faster, along with the ability to change the towel’s function as you go about your day. These towels are incredibly absorbent yet lightweight, allowing them to be folded up quite compact and easy to pack into your purse or travel bag. It repels sand and grass so just give it a shake and you won’t be bringing the beach home with you. The more you wash this towel, the softer and more absorbent it will become. 160 x 100 cm 100% Turkish Cotton From The House Of Jude in Georgetown,ON

1- 250ml glass Bottle of coconut-based Liquid Soap that effectively washes hands without over-drying or irritating your skin. Scented with natural aromatics in a concentrated formula that reduces packaging. Made by Cocoon Apothecary in Kitchener,ON

1-250ml glass bottle of Body Lotion that smells like a tropical paradise with fresh lemongrass, flowery ylang ylang, and sweet coconut. Super-hydrating and fast-absorbing, Kahuna locks in moisture with the luxurious oils of virgin coconut and macadamia nut. Keeps skin feeling soft and moisturized with a super light feel. Treat yourself to a trip to the tropics every time you moisturize. Made by Cocoon Apothecary in Kitchener,ON

1-Votive Soy Candle with a wooden wick handmade made by Woodsy.ca

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