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Winterful Box

Winterful Box

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Send this gift box full of everything Winterful to someone special and it’s bound to warm up their wintery day! 

Every Winterful gift box supports 5 small local businesses and a local charitable organization. 

Inside every Winterful gift box you will find;

1-Handmade Knit Double Brimmed Hat with removable faux fur pom pom. Hand made by Cozy Cole Creations in Rockwood, ON

1-250ml bottle of Magic Bean Body Lotion. A firming body lotion that combines the rich luxury of organic cocoa butter with skin-softening organic sweet almond oil. This decadent moisturizer, containing the essential oils of coffee and vanilla, melts into your skin leaving it soft, firm and hydrated for the entire day. Made by Cocoon Apothecary in Kitchener, ON

1-5.6 Oz Coffee Scrub Soap Bar. soap and a body scrub all in one. One side is made with coffee grounds to exfoliate and soften skin and the other side is smooth. A plant-based bar soap that creates a gentle lather that is ideal for dry and sensitive skin.  An eco-friendly alternative to body washes that uses minimal packaging, cold-pressed oils, and natural fragrance.  This soap will stay firm and dry easily in the shower.

1-135g package of Hot Chocolate. There’s something intensely comforting in mug of hot, liquid chocolate. This hot chocolate is created with a hot chocolate blend with chocolate (not sugar!) as the first ingredient. It contains both chocolate and cocoa powder to create the most luxurious chocolate experience.It can be combined with any milk, alternative milk or water. This mix contains dairy ingredients. Made by Centre and Main Chocolate in Warkworth, ON.

1-assorted relaxing 4oz Soy Candle hand poured by Illumine Candle Co. In Kitchener, ON

1-140g package of Sea Salt and Honey Peanuts  The sweetness of honey mixed with sea salt and roasted peanuts always makes for a winning combination in our books. Perfect for snacking or sharing with others, these sweet and salty peanuts are sure to be a real crowd-pleaser. Made by Bruce County Nut and Fudge in Sauble Beach, ON.

 If you are purchasing this gift box as a gift please let us know at checkout by leaving a note for us, so that we can include your message inside the box on your behalf. 

If it’s for a birthday, please let us know also if you would like for us to place a sticker on the outside of the box that reads, “Do Not Open Until Your Birthday”